Worshipful Master's Message for May/June 2021


I hope this message finds you and yours healthy and well. At the time of this writing, we have now had the chance to hold two in person meetings and they have been rewarding. On the first we kicked the dust off and got back in the swing of things and the second we Initiated two new Brothers. The degree team led by JW Tom McKeen did an amazing job. We also had a chance to be involved with a Virtual Grand Lodge Visit.

The next few meetings will be busy also, we have more degree work to get caught up with and will fit in some education and fellowship. As more Brothers and the population in general is becoming more vaccinated it is opening up our possibilities for gathering in person. We are looking into trying to hold a few special meetings this Summer to catch up on some more degree work. Also on the first and third Wednesday evenings PM Tom Zumalt is leading a pool/billiards get together. It is a great chance to see our Brothers and meet Candidates and Prospects.

As a former teacher I often talked to students about continuing their education after high school and a lot of times it led to talking about what education looks like. For a student it could be college, but it could just as easily be a trade school, an apprenticeship, or military service. Continuing education in Lodge also takes many forms. We have formal education as Brothers do degree work, we have speakers and lectures come talk at meetings, but we also have the informal education. I have had many moments when a wiser Brother has come up to me during degree work or at dinners and ask a simple question such as "why do you think we do or say...." and it leads to a discussion that leads to a light bulb moment where I learn more about Masonry and grow as a person. In the coming Spring and Summer months I ask that you all look for small teachable moments. Enough of these small rain drops of knowledge falling on a willing to learn field of Brothers can lead to a plentiful harvest of Masonic and personal growth later.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Drew Albrecht, WM